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Incredible Story about Headaches, Concussion Symptoms and NUCCA in Calgary, AB.
Amazing Story about Shoulder, Arm, and Wrist Pain and Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Calgary, AB
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Inspiring Story about TMJ Issues, Headaches, and Sinus Issues and NUCCA in Calgary, AB
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Amazing Story about Sciatica and NUCCA in Calgary, AB
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chiropractor Reviews
Remarkable Story about Migraines and NUCCA in Calgary, AB
Remarkable Story about Migraines and NUCCA in Calgary, AB
“Dr Sloane Hunter is wonderful – very skilled, highly knowledgeable & extremely compassionate! She trained as a chiro & then as a NUCCA specialist. My wife & I have both benefited greatly from her caring treatment over the last several years.
In addition, my orthotics (arch support in shoes) from the same clinic have also worked really well.”

- Tom H.

“Dr. Hunter provided excellent service and always gave me extra information about the specifics of the treatments, due to my interest in health and the body. Dr. Hunter is a great doctor and has excellent bedside manner that makes it a joy to see her.”

- Patient

“I suffered a whiplash in 1972. For years, I went to physio, massage, exercises, etc. Nothing really worked. I also went to various chiropractors. Some of the chiropractic adjustments were downright painful and the benefits from them seldom lasted more than a day or two. Sometimes I was worse after the treatment than before. Then my family doctor referred me to a chiropractor whose method involved only the adjustment of the atlas joint. I was very skeptical after my first adjustment as I felt nothing indicating any kind of movement happened and there certainly wasn’t any of the pain I had come to expect with adjustments. I couldn’t believe the relief I felt within the next short while. And from there it just improved after each successive adjustment. I would never go to any other method of chiropractic now that I am aware of this method.”

- Patient

“I had never heard of a NUCCA chiropractor and I was hesitant of course due to the cost. I had already been to a regular chiropractor and after a year of treatments from injuries of a rear-end car accident, I had no change in my pain, in fact I had more after this time. We decided there was nothing else he could do for me. I figured I’d have to live with this pain. Sloane Hunter understood my concerns and after a great discussion and an informative video of the method, I decided to go ahead with NUCCA treatment. I have made the most progress in this last 2 months than I have had in the prior one and a half years. Thank you Dr. Hunter for giving me my life, confidence and inspiration for changing my negative feelings of myself. I went to the gym for the first time in 6 months. I feel vibrant and happy. WOW.”

- Annette T.

I was surprised how non-invasive my NUCCA treatment was, as well as how well the doctors kept me informed. The change is almost immediate, and the proof that it is making a difference is right in front of you standing in the mirror. It is a really great and organized process. I noticed a reduction in headaches as well as waking up feeling more rested.

– Kelsi S.

I went from having headaches and migraines on a daily basis to having none. My quality of life has sky rocketed because of it!

– Katherine O.

I was skeptical about NUCCA but did notice improvements with my headaches and back pain. I would definitely recommend it!

– Mark D.

"I'm just finishing up 3 months off work, and I wanted to tell you about my hike through northern Spain -- I walked approx. 300 km in 20 days. I didn't walk fast, but I walked steady. Your advice re: feet and boots made a huge difference, and the orthotics worked really well. My boots…

- Orthotics and footwear for a Hiker

“I have told many clients and friends about N.U.C.C.A. and the positive experience I have had with it. I think it is a very effective therapy.”

- Personal trainer Calgary

“If someone is in need of chiropractic care, I would strongly urge them to try NUCCA care first. I had many treatments by other therapists but never found sustainable results. I had extreme neck/shoulder/back pain, along with daily headaches and felt physically ill and lethargic from the pain. When a coworker told me she was…

- migraine and tension headache

“In March of 2009 I came to see Dr. Gordon because I had severe pain in my right hip and I wanted the procedure done right away. When he did the adjustment I felt instant relief and it has continued until now. I am very grateful to him because I feel good and I am…

- low back pain and sciatica

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